CHAI PANI serves fresh, high quality, fast serve, and delicious Indian food on the go. 

Imagine the finest Indian cuisine reformatted to be easy to Grab-&-Go or to enjoy casually. Grab-&-Go Indian fare that includes more of the amazing varieties that makes Indian fare so special. Delicious curries, meats, and vegetables,on delicate bases, and topped with fresh, healthy toppings, and flavour boosting chutneys. CHAI PANI is next level Indian food! 

Located in Calgary's coolest hood, just off Memorial Drive headed downtown on 9th street, and adjacent to Bridgeland LRT station.

CHAI PANI is an ode to the old school Iranian Chai Cafes of Old Bombay serving up casual "Chai Pani". 

CHAI PANI is literally "Tea & Water", and in the Indian context describes a casual informal get together & meal. 

If your Indian you already know that a little Chai Pani can overtly refer to a small bribe! 

So whether your hungry, or need to gain someones favour, we're here for you!




Unit 126 38 9th Street North East Calgary, Alberta  T2E 7X9



Parking is available on west side of 9th street,and all along McPherson Road NE. Parking is FREE for 2 Hours so that you can enjoy CHAI PANI or just hop in to grab a bite to go.